Air Raid Tour & Aztec Bowl

The Air Raid Tour will take place from Sunday, December 4 until Sunday, December 11th. Coach Mumme & staff will lead their team against The ONEFA All-Stars in the historic Aztec Bowl. The Air Raid Tour will consist of NFL Draft eligible and pro-level prospects (athletes must be born on or after Sep. 1, 1996).

Multiple professional scouts will be on hand and film will be shared to teams at all levels including the NFL, CFL, XFL, USFL, FCF, both Mexican professional leagues, plus the ELF (Europe) and the X-League (Japan). Team uniforms will be provided by Team Sportswear Direct.

Sun, Dec. 4 Staff & Athletes Arrive at The Echo Hotel in Edinburg, TX by 4 p.m. Nearest airport is in McAllen, TX (MFE). Shuttle provided to Edinburg.
Mon, Dec. 5 Travel to Mexico City. We will take a charter bus across the border and fly from Reynosa, Tamaulipas airport (REX) to Mexico City.
Tue, Dec. 6 Practice, Meetings, Media Events
Wed, Dec. 7 Practice, Meetings, Media Events
Thu, Dec. 8 Practice, Meetings, Media Events
Fri, Dec. 9 Walkthru, Meetings, Media Events
Sat, Dec. 10 Aztec Bowl: Air Raid Tour vs. ONEFA All-Stars
Sun, Dec. 11 Travel to Edinburg, TX. We will fly from Mexico City to Reynosa, then take a charter bus back to Edinburg.

Lodging, travel, and meals will be covered during the tour, but all participants will be responsible for getting to McAllen/Edinburg on Dec. 4th. ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT & NO FEDERAL CRIMES ON THEIR RECORD! ATHLETES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THEIR OWN HELMET & SHOULDER PADS.

2019 Aztec Bowl